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Cutting edge, urban and landscape CGI footage ready to use.
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Design Studio

For prototype visualizations and design approvals

Visualize your design vehicle within your own existing value chain using our CGI assets.
The new Motionbox Design Studio is a declaration of independence. It offers you the perfect solution of producing moving images with high-end quality to your taste in the most efficient way possible.
Benefit now from our Motionbox Professional Package.

Profit by our special offer for OEM Design Departments. Just contact us.

Motionbox Clip-Package Teaser Film
Motionbox Professional Package
  • A reconstructed 3D camera movement using original footage (matchmove)
  • Combined with the exact road geometry for a perfectly smooth and individually customized animation
  • An entire 3D reflection and lighting setup to render photorealistic vehicles.
    This further includes the following:
    • all necessary geometries with textures
    • direct lighting and a retouched HDRI sphere for image-based lighting
    • a 3D vehicle with standard shading and basic animation for reference purposes
    • high-quality 4K footage*
* Nevada 2K, 25fps
Contact Dominic Bitu Phone: +49 711 93 30 48 0

Innovation in moving images

The Motionbox offers you an all-in-one solution for every type of driving film. This unique moving image database consists of footage specially tailored to the automotive industry's needs and offers everyone the ability to take on the role of the director. This lets customers directly and efficiently create high-end films for trade fairs, product presentations, events, virtual test drives, digital showrooms and much more – without the necessary shooting.


Behind the scenes

Breathtaking landscapes. Dramatic changes in weather. Dynamic curves. We bring the images in your mind to life. We set the scene for your vehicles using a combination of high-quality pre-produced film material and customized CGI. In locations worldwide. In impressive quality: High-end films with a resolution of up to 4K and frame rates of up to 50 frames per second. For product presentations, trade fairs, events and a lot more – test the possibilities offered by the Motionbox.

Motionbox Process Step 1
It all starts with the plate – driving shots from all around the world
Motionbox Process Step 2
Camera matchmove – to enable your car to fit accurately into the environment
Motionbox Process Step 3
Environment modeling and texture mapping – for realistic reflection and shadows on your car
Motionbox Process Step 4
Final shot – your car visualized to your needs
1. Clean plate Step 1
2. Match move Step 2
3. Modeling and textures Step 3
4. Final shot Step 4
“Little time and high expectations?
We’ll get the maximum out of your budget.”
“Highly attractive driving shots in urban locations for your confidential concept cars.”
“Do not care about bad weather,
we do.”

Effective production time

Particularly in the automotive market, speed is a considerable competitive advantage: The Motionbox saves you a lot of time – we complete your production from the conceptual design phase through to post-production in just a few days. You will know your end product in advance because you will know the film sequences already when you start.

Shooting Create footage
Preproduction Clean plate
Animation Car animation
Final shot Ready to use
Effective time management

This will allow time for creativity and your ideas.


Borgward BX5 – Making Of

Borgward BX5 premiere film produced with Motionbox clips
Key facts

Pick the perfect scenario

There are no limits: Get inspired, choose a number of shots, change the shot order and add your wishes regarding animation, duration or shading. The result: customized, high quality driving shots for any and every occasion.


High-quality content

  • Large number of different locations spanning the globe
  • Wide variety of landscapes
  • Spectacular cityscapes/urban landscapes
  • Generic vehicle animation, adaptable to meet specific needs

Customizable utilization options

  • Various licensing options including: 1 year, 2 years or unlimited
  • Commercial or non-commercial usage

CGI production

  • Customizable shot durations
  • Resolution: 2K/4K
  • Frame rate: 25/50 fps
  • Final shot production with or without grading
  • Standard or custom animation

Get around the world

We made every effort to capture attractive and impressive locations all around the world – and there are more to come. It will make you feel as if you have been there yourself.

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